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  Our certified interpreters provide spoken intepretation in every industry including state government agencies, IT, education, automobile, legal, aerospace, entertainment, insurance,etc. Our extensive network of professional translators provide written translation on any subject matter, technical, legal, financial, and more. Please contact Glorysimul to discuss how we can meet your particular 


  Glorysimul can meet all your interpreting needs including but not limited to the following situations:

  •Client Meetings
  •Employee Interviews
  •Recorded Statements
  •Phone Calls

  Glorysimul also provides conference interpreters with conference equipment.


  Glorysimul provides written translation in over 20 languages. Our translators have the years of experience and credentials necessary to produce high quality documents. We can meet all your translation needs including but not limited to the following fields:

  •Business contract
  •Book publish
  •Government document
  •Website localization
  •Software localization
  •Exhibition book
  •Technical document

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