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  Q: I am about to embark on a job hunt. I don’t know where to start.

  A: As a first step, think deeply about what you are really looking for. Is it new exposure, a higher pay, a bigger job or a balanced work-family lifestyle? You should spend some time understanding your own priorities and motivation.

  Once you have established these, develop a checklist of your skill sets and update your resume with information on recent achievements. You may want to draw up a list of target companies you’re interested and decide whether you wish to approach them directly or obtain the help of an executive search consultant.

  Q: Should I send my resume to every search company in town? What are the implications for me?

  A: Not all search companies operate in the same way. If you want to ensure your personal data is being handled carefully and in a confidential manner, enquire with friends or colleagues about the firm’s reputation and past experiences if any. A good search company will speak or meet with you before they can adequately represent you to their client. They should be able to discuss your expectations and match these with their client’s requirements before deciding on the fit and next steps. Otherwise they should be able to point you to other options for your consideration.

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