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  Currently we are providing recruitment service for IT and IT related positions for global enterprises in a wide range of industries; recruitment  location covers 20s provincial capital cities over China and some Asia-Pacific countries.

The field of our current clients:

Recruitment Field Product Line Position 
Healthcare IT Solutions HIS、PACS、LIS、RIS、Public Health System...  Software Development、Technical Support、Regional Sales、VP、HR
Financial industry IT solutions Core Banking Systems 、Banking Integrated Front System 、Stock Exchange Management Systems、Asset Investment Risk Management Systems...  Software Development、Technical Support、Regional Sales 
Management Software PLM、ERP、EAM、CRM、SCM、OA Software Development、Technical Support、Regional Sales 、Marketing、VP 
Design Software  CAD、CAE、Flex Software Development、Technical Support、Regional Sales 、Marketing 
Mobile Phone Application Software  Symbian、Android、iPhoneOS、Windows mobile、MTK、BlackBerry… Software Development、Sales、CFO
Internet Portal site、Community website、B2C、E-government、SEM… Software Development、Sales
Games Mobile games、Online games Software Development、COO、CTO
System Integration  Generic cabling system、video surveillance&control system、parking lots management system、Access control system… Technical Support、Regional Sales
Coal Industry IT Solutions Coal-mine Safety Monitoring System、Coal-mine management system… Software Development、Sales
Information Security Industry Desktop Security Management、Surf Action Control、Identity Authentication Gateway、SecurityCentralize Storage… Technical Support、Sales
Telecom Software Solutions Business & Operation support system、IDC room monitoring system Software Development、Sales
Track Transportation IT Solutions Train control center systems、Subway Integrated Supervision System Technical Support、Sales
Meteorology IT Solutions Meteorological satellite applications system、Remote sensing applications system 、Radar DataAcquisition System… Software Development、Sales
GPS & GIS Technology Electronic Map 、GPS monitoring system 、Navigation System… Software Development、Product Design、Sales
Government Emergency System  Traffic emergency response system、Flood warning system… Technical Support、Sales
Localization Software localization、Website localization… Technical Support、Sales、HR
Hotel & Catering Industry Hotel chain、Restaurant chain… Restaurant Manager、HR
Consulting ERP、Maximo、Portal、BI… Consultant、Pre-Sales、Analyst
Foreigner Foreigner work in China: Swiss、German、French、Dutch、Japanese、Korean、Indian、Thai、Vietnamese、Indonesia… Tester、Marketing 、Translater、Engineer…
Quality Management ISO9000、ISO9001、ISO14000、CMMI3、CMMI4、CMMI5 QA Manager、Test Manager、Quality Engineer
JAVA J2EE、JESE、J2ME (Windows、Linux、Android) Developer、PM、Software Architect、R&D Manager
C++ C、C++  (Linux、Unix、Symbian、iPhoneOS、MTK…) Developer、PM、Software Architect、R&D Manager
NET .NET、C#  (Windows XX、Windows mobile) Developer、PM、Software Architect、R&D Manager
Other Programming Languages  PHP、Delphi、SQL、Power Builder … Developer、PM、Software Architect、R&D Manager
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